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3 Overrated Travel Destinations

Posted on 06 September 2018 by admin (0)

Travelling is really fun. By visiting new places, you get to experience and see new things, make new friends, try out new cuisines, new and different adventures, and so much more. Although, all these depends on what kind of place you go to. If you go to a boring or uneventful place, you will definitely not have half as much fun as someone who went to, say, Disneyland, so it is important to choose our travel destination wisely.

However, there are places that have been hyped unnecessarily by people who have been there. It is not as if they aren’t great places, it’s just that for what these destinations offer when you eventually go there, they are really not all what people described them to be. Below are three of these overrated vacation destinations:

N.B. It is important to know that this article is in no way bashing any of the attractions and destinations mentioned. Each and every individual is entitled to his or her opinion and if you don’t agree with some or all of what is written here, then by all means, go visit these sites and enjoy yourself.


  1. Hollywood Walk of Fame

You get to meet this destination in one of two ways when you decide to visit there – either strangely empty or overfilled and congested with tourists. All for what? A long stretch of Hollywood Boulevard where you simply take a walk down and see stars’ names and probably go “I know this guy.”

At the end of the walk, you will definitely ask “is that it?” as you come to the realisation that you had wasted your precious time that could have been used elsewhere to walk down a lengthy stretch of Hollywood Boulevard just to see names of Stars.


  1. Maya Bay and Bangkok, Thailand

Maya Bay was once a wonderful place to go with beautiful beaches and a general beautiful scenery. However, all these changed when people got wind of it and started flocking in to see what it is like. These days, you would meet a very dirty Maya Bay jam-packed with tacky shops, hotels, and of course, people. Someone even described it as a “Wasted paradise.”

Bangkok or Krung Thep as it is also called also used to be a wonderful place. However, with the influx of tourists, it quickly became a place you would be better off not going to. Cab drivers would rip you off and most of the hotels don’t live up to their expectations.


  1. The Statue of Liberty

Don’t get me wrong, the statue of liberty is a must see but not just the way most people go about the seeing.

Going to Liberty Island only lets you see its foot up close. If you wish to see it from the top, you have to reserve tickets in advance, and climb up to 377 steps just to view the statue through small tiny windows.

A better to view the statue of liberty and whole city of New York is to take the Statin Island Ferry. This way, you get a full and much better view of the magnificent statue.


As said earlier, each individual is entitled to his or her own opinion, and if you still feel like visiting any of these sites, then please do not be deterred by what is entailed in this article. However, if you believe all what is entailed here, then it is better for you to begin searching for other places that are not so overrated.