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Imprinted Golf Clubs, Promotional Golf Club Head Covers

Make your clients and customers the talk of the golf course when you send them out to the fairway with Golf Clubs and Head Covers printed with the logo of your business or organization.

Our Golf Clubs are made from quality steel and graphite and crafted by the best manufacturers in the world. When our clubs make contact with the ball, you can rest assured that the best of modern technology has gone into your swing.

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r7 Draw Rescue Hybrid (Graphite)
$241.50 - $207.90
r7 Draw Rescue Hybrid (Steel)
$212.10 - $181.65
r7 Iron (Graphite)
$186.90 - $160.65
r7 Iron (Steel)
$147.00 - $124.95
Rossa Monza Corza Putter
$288.75 - $246.75
Golf Club Brush
$4.19 - $2.93
Showing 1 - 6 of 6 Items       
Lift Promos carries a variety of Promotional Golf Clubs and Head Covers that you can personalize with your business name and logo for powerful advertising on the course. All of our Golf Clubs and Head Covers are designed and manufactured by professionals in the golf equipment industry who know and understand the game intimately.

The Basics of Golf Clubs: Clubs come in three major types. Each one has its own unique function on the golf course.

WOODS: These are so-named because they used to be made from wood. Today, most "woods" are actually made out of steel, titanium, or a combination of metals and other materials. Woods are used for long approach shots, and can drive the ball off the ground (as opposed to off of a tee) more adeptly.

IRONS: These clubs are used for shorter shots, such as when approaching the green. They are made of heavy metal (but not necessarily "iron") and are numbered from 1 to 9. The number represents the degree to which the club head is angled. This allows the golfer to loft the ball into the air.

PUTTERS: These clubs, as the name implies, are used when putting the ball, most often on the green.

Some players consider the clubs known as "WEDGES" to be their own class of club. Others count them among the irons because they are designed to loft the ball. Their undersides are different from the other irons so that they can be used for more difficult shots, such as those from sand traps.

Another "class" of golf clubs which are growing in popularity today is known as the "HYBRIDS". They are a cross between a long iron and a fairway wood. They can often be used in place of certain woods and irons. The hybrids are especially popular with younger golfers and those who are new to the sport.

Our line of clubs features high-quality steel, graphite and other materials conducive to a challenging and stimulating round of golf. When you personalize one with a message or your business information, they make excellent gifts for business partners, employees and valued clients, as well as the perfect prize for golf tournaments.