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Personalized Golf Umbrella, Business Promotional Golf Umbrellas

Don't let a little bit of rainfall spoil your game. Hit the golf course and stay dry with one of our Promotional Golf Umbrellas, personalized with your business name and logo.

Golf Umbrellas are like walking billboards out on the fairway. Imagine how many people will see the name of your business prominently printed on one of these high-quality umbrellas with their wide-span canopies and windproof frames designed specifically for the golf course.

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$14.25 - $10.50
Golf Square Canopy Umbrella
$30.37 - $25.12
Windproof Golf Umbrella
$18.44 - $17.38
Promotional ID Handle Golf Umbrella
$17.29 - $12.99
Callaway 68" Double Canopy Umbrella
$47.24 - $41.99
Golf Umbrella
$17.45 - $12.26
Pro Golf Umbrellas
$19.40 - $16.25
Wind Tamer Golf Umbrellas
$21.49 - $18.14
Eagle Golf Umbrella
$13.00 - $9.49
Endurance Double-Canopy Golf Umbrella
$22.81 - $17.29
Pro-Am Golf Umbrella
$11.50 - $8.48
Showing 1 - 11 of 11 Items       
Do you have avid golfers on your customer list? Supply them with one of these top-quality Promotional Golf Umbrellas and they'll be able to play any day, even if it rains.

Golf Umbrellas are specially designed for weather hazards that sometimes befall the golf course or threaten to call off a game. They're fashioned with extra-large canopies so that you can stand underneath and take a full swing without getting any part of your body wet. They're so large, they're usually able to cover two or three people at the same time.

Many of our Promotional Golf Umbrellas are also built with windproof frames. They're strong enough to withstand gales and resist turning inside-out, yet are light enough to still be carried around all 18 holes with comfort and ease.

Besides being perfectly suited for inclement weather on the golf course, Custom Golf Umbrellas may also be the ultimate advertising tool for you business. Their extra-wide canopies provide a large and highly visible canvas on which to print your business information/logo. They essentially become walking billboards once they're opened up. In fact, you might find yourself wishing that it would rain every day!

Lift Promos offers multiple printing locations in a variety of colors and styles on many of our Promotional Golf Umbrellas. This way, your logo is visible from several angles at the same time.

Their use isn't limited to just the golf course, though. Many people use Golf Umbrellas for every rainfall, no matter where they are. They love the extra protection the large canopies provide. They are especially used and preferred by those who walk every day.

So don't think that your customers necessarily need to be golfers to enjoy and appreciate a Customized Golf Umbrella. They make excellent promotional gifts for just about anyone on your client list.