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Home  > Magnets & Magnetic Items > Dry Erase Magnets & Notepad Magnet

Logo Magnet Notepads, promotional dry erase magnet, custom note pad magnets

These ultra-convenient and always-handy Logo Dry Erase Magnet Boards and Logo Notepad Magnets make it easy to leave a memo. Place them on your refrigerator or other metal surface. Jot down a reminder to yourself, a note for your family, or keep a running grocery list at hand with our Promotional Dry Erase Magnets & Notepad Magnets. They'll remember everything they need, plus your business too!
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Add-A-Pad 50 sheet Shopping List
$2.22 - $1.50
Phone Magnet with Pad, Pen & Clip
$2.59 - $1.82
Notepad Memo Magnet - Dry Erase
$1.35 - $0.82
$1.76 - $1.51
Dry-Erase Mirage Board(TM)
$2.09 - $1.80
Dry-Erase Cork Combo Board
$3.72 - $2.88
Dry-Erase Mirage Board(TM)
$2.27 - $1.87
Dry-Erase Mirage Board
$2.51 - $2.16
Message Center
$1.48 - $1.29
The Home Reminder - Things To Do
$1.48 - $1.29
Magnet Notes 3 x 3, 10 pages
$2.10 - $1.60
Magnet Notes 3 1/2 x 5 1/8, 20 pages
$4.45 - $3.60
Magnet Notes 2 x 3 1/4, 10 pages
$2.00 - $1.35
Magnet Notes 2 x 3 1/4, 20 pages
$2.75 - $2.00
Magnet Notes 5 x 8, 10 pages
$5.45 - $4.50
Magnet Notes 5 x 8, 20 pages
$8.45 - $7.50
Showing 1 - 16 of 16 Items       

Four Great Ways to Use a Dry Erase Magnet Board or Notepad Magnet

Dry-erase and Wipe-off Memo Boards are always handy to have around the house. They're the quickest, simplest way to communicate with the members of your family or to jot down grocery items when you use something up in the kitchen. Logo Magnet Notepads are also convenient for taking or making notes and leaving them in a high-visibility location.

In fact, four ideas for putting Promotional Dry Erase Magnets and Notepad Magnets to work for you include:

* On your refrigerator. Make this your family's central location for communicating and passing on information to each other. Instruct family members to leave notes for other family members here where they'll be seen.

* A grocery list. This is another practical way to use a Custom Dry Erase Magnet or Note Pad Magnet on your refrigerator. Write down items as you use them up in your kitchen. Teach your family members to do the same. Next time you need to shop for groceries, you already have a list started and you won't forget what you've run out of during the week.

* In the office. Stick one to a filing cabinet or metal door. Your co-workers can leave you messages when you're not around. You'll never miss a memo this way!

* By the phone. Stick one near your telephone. Write down messages for family members and have them do the same for you. You'll always know who called and why.

Best of all, every time someone writes on the Promotional Dry Erase Magnetic Board or Notepad, they'll see the name of your business. It's an easy way to remind your customers how much you appreciate them and to come back and visit again.